welcome to allyson airlines! we hope you enjoy your journey!

allow me to introduce you to our pilot (me)
✩ dramatic (or so i've heard)

passenger announcement in progress

this is your pilot, ALLYSON speaking. i’m here to remind passengers what is prohibited on this flight. should you disobey, you will be removed from this flight without a parachute.

✩ thinking joseph is best jojo
✩ disturbing other passengers

for your safety, i am required to tell you what to do in case of an unlikely emergency
1) there is a life jacket located under your seat. to put it on, blow on the tube to inflate it, and secure it around your waist.
2) in the event of a decompression, an oxygen mask will automatically drop from the overhead space. to start the flow of oxygen, pull the mask over your nose and mouth. secure the elastic band behind your head, and breathe normally. for your safety, always put your mask on first before aiding someone else.
3) emergency exits are labeled with a red exit sign. please follow the lights on the ground to your nearest exit.

with that being said, i bid you all adieu. here's to having a safe flight!

passenger announcement in progress

please fasten your seat belt. let’s get this party STARTED

passenger announcement in progress

we have encountered another plane in our route. fear not, my dear passengers. this is nothing more than mere turbulence. feel free to speculate as i attempt to do a barrel roll to one up this faker . sit tight and we will continue our journey in no ti‒ PREPARE FOR CRASH LANDING. PUT ON YOUR LIFE JACKETS IMMEDIATELY.

the plane starts shaking in the air (most likely because i’m not a licensed pilot). you surge forward and hit your head on the seat in front of you. well done fool. you aren’t dead but that bruise on your forehead sure hurts like hell. be cautious. consequences will only increase in severity starting from now.

after you put on your life jacket, you notice three of your fellow passengers struggling to put their life jackets on. there is only enough time to help one.

who do you choose to assist?

this passenger was wanted for treason. you both make it to shore, but you are convicted of assisting a felon. since you liked hin so much, i’m sure the two of you will have fun in federal prison together!

this passenger turns out to be cursed. as you help him with his life jacket, your own life jacket is caught on a sharp object and deflates. helping this passenger costs you your life. welcome to hell, imbecile.

muda muda. bitch.

you successfully help the passenger put his life jacket on. unfortunately, the impact from landing in the water is too much for you. your heart is instantly crushed. your whole life flashes before your eyes. but behold! the stranger you helped… just forced his hand in his chest ???
he gives his heart to you ??
the dying stranger tells you to live on. he has no regrets. you watch as he disappears and becomes one with the stars.

you float onto shore to find… civilization ? well congratulations! you have discovered ALLYSON LAND. you see your pilot… or should i say… your ruler? it is safe to say that this was a setup the whole time to weed out the weak and dispose of them. you, strong one, have made it to the promise land.

what’s that? you don’t appreciate me wrecking the plane? you could’ve died? but did you die tho? thought so.

please slide in my dms, and give me your name and credit card number to apply for citizenship